Instructions to Activate the VINwallet


Who this guide is for:

This guide is intended for those who have went through the token swap process already. If you do not know if you went through this process, chances are you didn’t. If you have yet to complete the token swap, don’t worry — we are publishing a new guide with all of the instructions simply laid out for you.

General Information:

This information is intended for more advanced users and is used only to clarify some points about our technology. If you don’t understand this section, its ok, just move on to “Before you start this process” below.

First of all, we want to remind you that our VIN wallet will be working on our own blockchain — our blockchain is built on bitshares fork of Graphene. Our VINchain wallet has 2 modes of operation: cloud wallet and local wallet. Your wallet will be opened in the cloud mode by default — this method maximizes security as no one will be able to find the key on the web. Later on you can convert to a local wallet if you would like.

Before you start this process:

When you went through the token swap during that process you generated a key pair (the VINchain PUBLIC key and the VINchain PRIVATE key). Those keys looked like this:

Please have these keys ready in order to activate your new VIN wallet.

How to activate your wallet:

1)Go to

2) Click on the content menu located in the top right of your screen.

3) Click on «SETTINGS» located in the pop-out menu.

4) Click on «RESTORE/IMPORT» located in the left column of your screen.

5) Click on the «ENABLE LOCAL WALLET» button located below Settings.

6) Choose «IMPORT A PRIVATE KEY» from the dropdown menu.

7) Now you need to generate a password. Create your own unique password that you will be using to access the wallet and remember it. LATER ON YOU WILL NEED THIS PASSWORD TO ACCESS YOUR WALLET, keep it safe — just like everything else in the world of crypto J

8) Click on the «CREATE NEW LOCAL WALLET» button located below your password.

9) Enter the private key that you had generated on the website during the swap and click the «SUBMIT» button.

10) Click on «IMPORT KEYS», and if your key is valid the text will read “FOUND 1 VALID KEY”.

11) After you have entered a valid key, the following screen will load. Click on the «DONE» button to continue.

12) DONE J After successful importation of a key, it will be possible to work in both wallet modes: cloud and local.

Note: If you have used an invalid or incorrect key you will get an «INVALID PRIVATE KEY» error. You will need to find the correct key that was generated during the swap on the website!


Having trouble? Contact us on telegram and we will be happy to help

How to use your new wallet

Now you can use the wallet to send and control your tokens. Feel free to look around and familiarize yourself with all the features. You will quickly notice that there are very simple features and complicated ones too (complicated for now, once you understand them they are easy J)

The two most important (and easy to understand) features are right at the top: Explore and Send.

Explore tab will show you other options:

“Blockchain” shows you the status of the entire chain along with all of the blocks forming real time.

“Accounts” lets you search the wallets of all of the users in the network

“Witness” and “Committee” are much more advanced. This section will show you who the witnesses are (the computers that are forming the blocks) and who elects those computers to the position of witness.

Under the send feature everything is very easy to understand:

Just fill out this information and send your coins wherever you want.


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